• https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/explore-careers/careers College Board’s Big Future site offers lots of different resources and tips on how to explore careers.
  • http://roadtripnation.com Roadtrip Nation empowers you to define your own road in life instead of traveling down someone else's. Follow students who travel across the nation to interview leaders and connect what they learn to their own lives.
  • http://careeraccess.hawaii.edu Learn about the different types of careers on this interactive site that takes the student on a virtual career exploration tour.
  • www.dreamit-doit.com Find something that you can really get into. Check out the types of jobs that are right for your skills, your attitude, your passions. Dream it. Then see what jobs and resources are out there to make it happen. Do it.
  • http://www.egfi-k12.org  Interested in a career in Engineering? Check out this website to get tips on how to get into the engineering program of your choice.
  • https://getschooled.com/career Who are your role models and who do they admire? This site highlights favorite celebrities and the careers of the people who support them. Get a solid education, and one day this could be you too.
  • http://vimeo.com/94628623 Think College! Check out this video created by Wai‘anae High School's Searider Productions.