Why College


You may wonder whether education after high school is necessary or a good fit for you. Remember that today, education beyond high school is essential for many careers. Whether it’s a 2-year or 4-year college degree, or a trade or technical certification program, more education opens doors to more opportunities!


A college education will help you:

Research shows that people with college degrees have increased job choices that match their interests. By 2018, 65% of jobs in Hawai‘i will require post-secondary education. (2010 Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce).

Over a lifetime, a college graduate will earn an average of $1 million more than a high school graduate.

College teaches study and critical thinking skills that are necessary in today’s job market.

College introduces students to the great thinkers and achievers who have shaped our world.

College introduces students to many career paths which match a child’s skills and interests.

The friends a child meets in college are often friends for life. College provides opportunities to meet students from many diverse and cultural backgrounds.