Now that you’ve done your homework, asked all the right questions, and made the final choice of which college to attend, there is one other question that seems to loom very large on the horizon. How do you pay for it all? For most families, this can become the first and only deciding factor. If you can’t afford it, why bother?

Well, the fact is there are many resources and opportunities out there that many families fail to take advantage of simply because they did not take the time to look. Financial aid, loans, scholarships and work study offer a myriad of opportunities.

Students can also take advantage of early college opportunities, like Running Start and AP classes, which will allow them to earn college credit while in high school and as a result, save money on tuition. Don't bypass going to college because you think you cannot afford it. This section offers what you should know about financial aid, how you can quality for financial aid, and how you can get free help with understanding the financial aid process.