Campus Services

There is support when you need it - 
If you need help, you are not alone.  Most colleges offer free campus services to students.
Residential Services: Resident advisers (RAs) are usually juniors or seniors who are responsible for students who are living in on-campus housing.  They can help you with any issues you are having, in or out of class.
Counseling: Counselors can help you mental health issues or personal issues.  Counseling services through your college are usually free for a set number of sessions.
Health Centers: The health center on campus has doctors and nurses that can treat illness and injury and give immunization shots.
Financial Aid Office: Financial aid officers can help you find options to pay for school, like loans, scholarships, federal aid, federal work-study programs, and more.
Information Technology Support: Staff members can help you with your internet connection and network access.
Career Centers:  Offer guidance, career tests, and information about the types of jobs available to graduates in your field.
Commuter Services: Are provided for students who live off campus and may include student lounges, help finding off-campus housing, and commuter parking.
Other Student Services: Are available for international students, students with disabilities, students with children, and students who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT).